Post-Conference Workshop

 DBT Milieu Structures and Strategies for Forensic Settings

PRESENTER: Michele Galietta, Ph.D.

DATE: June 15, 2018

TIME: 9am - 5pm (Full Day)

COST: $250 CAD


Dialectical Behavior Therapy (DBT) is a comprehensive cognitive behavioral treatment, Since the 1990’s, DBT has been subjected to numerous clinical trials, and has been adapted for a variety of client populations including forensic patients. DBT has been found to have great practical utility for the reduction of violence and extreme self-harm in forensic settings. This workshop will focus primarily on how DBT "structures the environment." The workshop will detail how DBT is compatible with trauma-informed recovery and balances safety concerns with rigorous CBT interventions. Individualized, meaningful formulations and behavioral incentive systems work together to motivate clients. Front line staff and clinicians work together to teach, shape and strengthen substantive skills that function to reduce risk in the inpatient environment and support successful reentry into communities following discharge. Participants will learn basic structures and strategies used in DBT environments.

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